Anime TV Series That Are Most Popular


If television takes most part of your leisure and anime is your favorite then here’s time to celebrate! There are collections of anime series that are loved all over the world. What make them eternal favorites are their unique story line, interesting topic and skillful direction. So, keep a watch on the best anime series for TV that went viral!

  • Death Note

A high school student Yagami Light discovers a diary called ‘Death Note’ which makes him murder the criminals who have been enlisted in it! Isn’t this extremely bloodcurdling? You will definitely wish to know what happens next. This cat and mouse run between police and Light is actually what the anime series ‘Death Note’ centers on. And the apprehension of what will happen next is exactly how the fans of the serial react to each episode they watch!

  • Full Metal Alchemist

This TV series is spiced up with comedy, adventure, action, suspense and moral notes. The series portrays Europe during the era of industrialization where Alchemy was considered as the highest science. Each episode of the anime series unravels moral dilemma and strength of brotherhood between alchemists Alphomse Elric and Edward amidst terse circumstances. While failure and depressed face of the favorite anime characters make the audiences sad, their joyful faces make the audience happy again. So, do watch this TV series!

  • Dragon Ball

This was the oldest and very first of the anime series that was aired in televisions. The popularity of Dragon Ball became so viral that two sequels were produced and telecast. The story is about ‘Dragon Ball’ which are some magical balls that have the mystic power to rescue the world from enemies. Gohan the protagonist finds seven such dragon balls and sets into action to save the world from various malicious forces. Trill and mystery unravel in each sequel. To know more about these forces and make out how Gohan plans to combat them, watch Dragon Ball.

  • Hellsing

Hellsing is based on our much known magna series. But what makes it different and unique is its story line. This supernatural adventure series is about a secret British organization Hellsing’. Its primary motive is to wipe out vampires with the help of a ‘good’ vampire Alucard. This action packed spine-chilling anime series is as popular among kids as it is for the adult audiences.

  • Elfen Lied

Nudity, brutal thrill, existence of make-belief world and complex storyline, Elfen Lied has it all that makes it a mega hit television series. The plot primarily deals with Diclonius, a humanoid group that lives in ELfen Lied. It unfolds the tale of Lucy, one of the Diclonius, her escape from the research lab and the situations that she comes across.


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